Why Lopic Should Be Your Go-To System As A Pharmacy & Locum 🤝

Not enough locums available and difficulty in finding appropriate shift cover as a Pharmacy Adminstrator? You're tired using 5 different platforms to find jobs and keep track of your shifts as a Locum? Say No More!

Reece Samani developed Lopic from the ground up to cater to these problems and more. Since its inception, the Lopic web and app platform has been designed to include a range of functionalities and features that make hiring locums and managing staff scheduling an absolute breeze.

As a Pharmacy, 

  1. You're tired of paying daily commission to your locum pharmacist agency, while still struggling to get the cover you need. Lopic offers UNLIMITED use, all for one low fixed-fee per branch, per month.
  2. You can book shift cover with trusted pharmacists and technicians- utilise your existing staff and deal with your HR processes.
  3. Now, you can build a locum bank and manage scheduling all through one easy to use platform- Lopic!

As a Locum,

  1. Lopic enables you to quickly find and apply for locum pharmacy shifts in your area. 
  2. Upload all your details and compliance documents
  3. View your schedule and earnings- you'll never lose track again!
  4. Build your locum ratings and earn a reputation– all for FREE.

By building a community of qualified and compliant locum pharmacists and technicians, and providing the tools to manage your entire workforce, Lopic lets you take control of where you work, who you work with and the subsequent relationships you create. For cost-effective and consistent hiring success, HR management and locum job hunting, trust Lopic!