Getting Started: Creating Your First Job.

Let's create your first job right away!

  1. First, head on to the 'Schedule' section. You can do this by clicking on the 'Schedule' tab in the top navigation bar. 
  2. Welcome to your very own scheduler! Hover over any one of the empty boxes and you should be able to see a '+' icon, which when clicked upon will expose a menu. 
  3. Make you selection by clicking the radio button attached alongside the 'Locum Job' button. 
  4. Select one of many roles by clicking on the 'Role' drop down. 
  5. Schedule a job for a single day or multiple days by populating the 'Start' and 'End' Date fields. 
  6. Enter in the time for the selected workdays and the hourly rate for each day individually.
  7. You can chose from a variety of options to make the Locum experience better than ever before,  
    1. Paid Lunch: You can check this box if you plan on offering lunch to your humble Locums for the duration of the job. 
    2. Cover Expenses: If you plan on offering more than just lunch for your Locums- you can check this checkbox and proceed to add rules according to which they'll be compensated for items such as 
      • Travel.
      • Accommodation. 
      • Parking.
      • Transport.
    3. Description: Add in any and all responsibilities a Locum is expected to undertake along with information about your pharmacies so the Locums know what they're in for. 
    4. Assign Locum: Already have a Locum onboard Lopic? Well, check this check box and enter in the GPHC number and your favourite Locum will be added to this job. 
      • Incase, they do not exist within the system an invite will be sent over for them to join the system with this job scheduled on their system. It's that easy

You're all set now!